Maui Jim Sunglasses



Maui Jim sunglasses come in three different basic lens color schemes - Neutral Grey, HCL Bronze, and Maui Rose. 

The Neutral Grey lens color is most popular among fishermen, boaters, skiiers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.  Neutral Grey is the darkest of the three color schemes, and offers the best glare protection, as well as true color perception.

Neutral Grey


Popular among water and snow skiiers, HCL bronze is a classy look suitable for daily wear.  It offers a smooth tone and enhanced contrast for days when the sun isn't as bright, and is most commonly used for non-active pursuits as well as the active variety.

HCL Bronze

Maui Rose is the choice of many athletes, as they offer the best image resolution and sharpest contrast of any of the color schemes. These are also the choice for low-light conditions.  Golfers, skiiers, and other people who need good color contrast tend to enjoy the Maui Rose lens color scheme.

Maui Rose


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