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We've instituted this section to better assist you in finding the proper sunglasses for your face shape.  There are several basic face shapes, and if you pick the correct one for you, you're likely to find that the sunglasses you purchase look better on you than if you pick the wrong ones. 

What Face Shape Do I Have?

There are several basic face shapes, and we'll try to describe them to you so you can find the best fit for your face.  To see drawing examples of these face shapes, click here.

You may want to choose these styles if your face is longer than it is wide.



If your head is about half again as long as it is wide, then this selection of glasses will look best on you.


If your head is fairly round (more or less equal in height and width), then this group of sunglasses may best suit you.


If your forehead and jaw structure are nearly the same width, creating a square head shape, then these styles are likely to look good on you.



These styles best fit those who have a wide forehead, then the head narrows down toward the mouth and chin.



If you have a longer or wider nose, or generally larger features, then you may wish to choose from this selection.

Large Features


If you have a smaller or shorter nose, and generally smaller features, then this selection of Maui Jim sunglasses may best suit you.

Small Features



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